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Instead of applauding fit women for all the hard work, effort and dedication they put into their regime, they decide to picket at them instead. So much for empowering women. 

White knight retards and jealous retarded women (mostly both overweight anyway). Comments like this come from insecurity most of the time, So much ignorance and idiocy.

Insecure guys wanting to seem like they accept all women and curvy women etc. in order to seem more attractive to said women, insecure women who do eat cupcakes and gain weight/find it hard to stay trim/want to be slim… 

And both don’t know anything about fitness (about how the female body, or any body works with weight training or fitness generally), or about how eating disorders work at all.

I get that this body is not achievable for many, and I get that people are under pressure to look certain ways, but this picture was just proving the point about idiots thinking lifting weights makes women huge, that these people are idiots, and they proved their idiocy. 

She’s hot, and she worked for it, so go her. Idiots. 

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